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Around the World in Picture Books – South America – March/April 2019

Our next stop on our journey around the world in picture books was back in the Spring, when we set sail from the Antarctic to the warmer climes of South America.

The library supplied some of our books for this, and I bought a few second hand from Amazon.

Our favourite two were “The Most Beautiful Place in the World” by Ann Cameron (a short chapter book) and “Ada’s violin” by Susan Hood. Both of these gave us a window into the harsh realities of life for many children in South America, while offering hope within this. “Ada’s violin” is an amazing true story about an orchestra of determined and innovative children, a music teacher with a vision, and instruments made entirely from recycled rubbish from Paraguayan landfill sites. We had a go at making some instruments from our recycling boxes, and fairly much failed to come up with anything which made made a bearable sound, never mind which could be used in an orchestra. It gave us a glimpse of the resolve, perseverance and ingenuity of these children.

Dancing Toes liked “Love and Roast Chicken” by Barbara Knutson, an Andean tale featuring gineau pigs.

“We’re Roaming through the Rainforest” by is another fun one from Barefoot Books for younger children.

We also learned some of the geographical features of South America, did some map work and dipped our toes very fleetingly into the ancient cultures of the Incas and Aztecs. And cooking Mexican food is fun!

Another brief overview of a continent, inspired by a few good reads.

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