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Restoring our weary souls…Mom Heart Moments…by Sally Clarkson October 2019

A year ago we had the privilege and great blessing of having Sally Clarkson to stay with us for a few days, during her year in the UK. She spoke to our Christian home ed group in Bristol Sally Clarkson visit 2and we had a fun family day out with her visiting some of the places of historical and spiritual significance in Somerset.A special weekend with Sally Clarkson September 2018

She was so gracious, encouraging, compassionate and wise.

One thing she impressed on me…my take home message…was the importance of looking after myself. She candidly told me that I needed to take care of myself a bit better if I am to last the marathon of motherhood. I think we all know that, and often say it to each other, but I’ve never quite taken it on board until Sally spoke it into my life. Now, I am aware of the need for soul restoring time, and therefore don’t feel guilty when I have some!

Sally has a new book coming out called “Mom Heart Moments”. It is a book which I believe will help to restore our depleted souls; to bring encouragement where we are weary and inspiration where we need fresh vision to keep going. It is a book to be used in our quiet, alone times with God, or I’m sure to be read in the few snatched moments when we manage to hide away from the demands around us. Each day contains a Bible verse, some wisdom from Sally’s years of mothering, and something to think about for our own situations.

I’ve signed up to be a part of her launch team, high on enthusiasm but low on tech know how! I’m learning as I go along, with the help of Lanky Dude. The idea is to promote her book as much as we can, and thus promote sales. Pre-ordering is really important as it gives the publisher an indication of future marketing strategies.

Do check out the link and consider ordering a copy either for yourself or for a Christmas present for someone else.

Having spent time with her, I know this book will have the authenticity of a woman who has walked through the fire on many occasions, and the grace and compassion from a heart which longs to encourage.

I commend it to you, whole heartedly!

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