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“The kite’s Tale”- A beginner’s marketing journey – Dec 2020

As with so much of life, both the publication and promotion of my first book, has felt like a step out of the boat and onto water. The promotion or marketing of a book is often considered to be harder than the journey to publication; and we have had a pandemic thrown into the mix.

However, the marketing team of my publisher have been great. They are coming up with creative ways to promote their books, one of which was to ask authors to make a short video to share on their social media. The above video was my effort. Lanky Dude filmed it and was a great source of advice re lighting and aesthetics. It was a fun project to do with him. (Apologies if it’s not appeared; it’s working on the draft version but this is my second attempt to post it, the first having failed).

I also got the chance to speak on BBC Radio Somerset. I was quite nervous; it was a face time call, audio not visual, so it was a bit unnerving speaking to a picture of myself! However, the interviewer, Simon Parkin was great and asked some perceptive questions; again it was fun!

When “The Kite’s Tale” first came out I contacted lots of adoption agencies. I was amazed and grateful for their enthusiastic and encouraging response. It has been posted on many of their social media channels and I also did a podcast with one agency which was also fun! (I think I must like talking!!). I’m working on getting it into libraries. Between the marketing team and myself we’ve sent lots of pdf copies to various other people by way of promotion or sale. I’ve spoken to one local group via zoom and am hoping to be able to speak at more next year. Adoption is not a closed subject anymore, and this is proving a wonderful way of increasing awareness and thus understanding towards all those involved in the adoption triangle.

I’m looking forward to some time off from it over Christmas and then I’ll have another push in January. In the meantime, if you’ve not done so before, you can check it out on Amazon here . If you do get hold of a copy, it would be great if you could leave a review (nice ones only though!) as this helps with sales. There is also a YouTube promo video which is fun.

Thank you for your interest and for joining with me in this literary journey. Happy reading!

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