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Christmas – December 2020

Well, dear friends, we have just about made it to the end of this most extraordinary year. Well done! With all the gloom around us, I feel we need to welcome in some light heartedness, and celebrate God’s goodness in the midst of the storm. Helen and I recorded a fun podcast when we giggled over some of our favourite or quirky Christmas traditions.

Over here, I’m ending this year’s musings with some pictures from our recent visits to the Bishops Palace in Wells. It has been a wonderful place of retreat throughout the year, where we’ve been able to meet Granny outdoors and enjoy a bit of normality.

The Palace and Cathedral also remind me that our world has been through many times of hardship, loss and grief. In our modern, fast paced world it’s easy to forget that our ancestors often had pretty tough lives. I wonder what conversations, what secrets and what agonised prayers these walls have been party to? 2020 saw the 800 year celebration of the beginnings of this this solid yet intricately crafted building; it has seen much of humanity over the ages.

So, settle yourself and enjoy a tour!

The downstairs hallway
Mediaeval feast
Beautiful tree
Dear little robin
Upstairs gallery
A beautifully laid up tray on the grand piano
Pre dinner drinks
I loved the book tower!
Father Christmas’ desk
Lots of “ahhhs” from the kids!
Skates and skis from days gone by
Anyone for tea?
Palace and chapel at night
Wells Cathedral looked especially impressive
Nativity in the chapel

I received a Christmas card today which said “Good news” (couldn’t we all do with some?). “Emmanuel, God with us…best news this Christmas”.

God didn’t wait for a perfect world to send His Son into. He chose to reach down as a vulnerable child, with all the restrictions of poverty, right into the mess of our world. May we know His love and joy this Christmas and the peace and hope we can only have in Him as we walk through these uncertain times. Thank you for journeying this year with me; I’m so grateful for your encouragement. Happy Christmas!

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