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Another Way to Learn? Website launch – June 2022

Life seems to move so fast, doesn’t it? As well as all the normal chores, delight filled moments and a celebration or two, myself and one of the other book authors, Philippa, have been busy setting things in place for the book launch. If you’ve missed out on this, here is the story so far. As you can see, we’ve been able to release the cover design and graphics which has been exciting. God has been very gracious as this book has moved forward, providing just the right people with the necessary skills at the perfect time. Philippa is not only a kindred spirit, but also has IT and creative skills I can only dream of! Her husband has built a website for the book, and she has worked hard filling it with useful information and crafting a beautiful and inviting site. She will upload blog posts regularly through July and August, our launch period, before the book comes out.

Here is the link to it!

Another Way to Learn? Discovering the Beauty of Home Education

I’m very excited about it, so please have a look and share it as you can! We are recruiting a launch team so if you’d like to be a part of it, press the launch team button and find out more. I’ve been on Sally Clarkson’s launch teams before and it’s really fun being part of a community with such a shared and positive purpose.

I was a bit startled to see one of my sentences made into a quote!

As I said earlier, ordinary life continues, with much to be thankful for. Below are a few pictures of some of the highlights from the last month.

The Bath and West Show back after two years.
The Bath and West is an annual highlight. We always have our picnic lunch at the Countryside Arena. I was pleased as punch that the boys still wanted to come. One very happy mum day of precious memory making.
Lanky Dude turned 21! I love him so much and am so proud of who he is. Another profoundly thankful mum moment.
Our church barbecue and celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The boys’ band played for us.

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