Day by Day

Summer Sundae 1 – July 2022

Hello! It seems a while since I’ve tapped away here; one of my favourite places to write. Life is very full and I’m grateful for it. Having had restrictions on our movement over the last couple of years, along with some post viral weariness, I have a new appreciation for freedom and health which far outweighs my tiredness on the tough days,

I know the next couple months will have their own special summer flavour; we have just started the two month launch period of “Another way to Learn?” , fruit and veg, intertwined with weeds are growing in abundance and need my attention if we are to make the most of a harvest, delightful friends will visit, copywriting work has deadlines and of course I want to spend time with my HWH, the girls and the boys. I also would love to read, to watch the clouds some days, to go on my favourite walks, to make time for our afternoon tea ritual, to read aloud to the girls and to make the most of having the boys home, before they head out in September.

So, over these couple of months I’ll plan to post a scaled down weekly blog here; a Summer Sundae. I’ll try to work out the scheduling feature so it comes out on a Sunday! It will be snapshots of our week or, as more home educators might be reading this during the launch period, snapshots of our home ed life.

I often pray for those of you who read this, and wonder what life is like for you and what your circumstances are. I know that what I post on social media are the edited highlights of our lives, which is part of why I love writing them so much. It’s a reminder of all God’s goodness, grace, mercy and kindness. However, I’m very aware that you may be in a tough season. Like all families, we too have our challenges, and I have many dear friends who walk incredibly difficult and painful paths on a daily basis. So please know that these missives go out with my love and prayers. Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and generally encouraging me. You are much appreciated.

This weeks snippets are from our holiday in The Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. I hope you enjoy!

We stayed for four days in the most beautiful cottage on Thornythwaite Farm, near Ullswater, the Lake District. I’ve got to know Victoria, who’s farm they are on, through Instagram so it was an extra special delight to meet her in person.
A perfect place to do some work on the book launch.
The girls and I swam in Derwent Water.
HWH and the boys had a glorious day’s walking in these mountains.
The girls and I visited Hill Top, home of Beatrix Potter.
On our last night in thenYorkshire Dales we trekked up the mountain above the campsite. Long days and long shadows.
A monastery. It always fills my heart with delight when I see our adult sons interested in and exploring the places we visit. Life long learners.

As we wandered around the above monastery, I was struck by the harsh and self disciplined lives the monks lived. I wondered what our nation might look like if we still had as many communities, devoted to sacrificial prayer? A challenge for me.

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