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Towards self sufficiency – March 2022

I’ve always had a yearning to be self sufficient; I grew vegetables in pots when living in rented city homes, I read books describing the challenges and adventures of those who lived off the land and the 1970’s iconic series “The Good Life” is still a favourite of mine. When we finally moved out to… Continue reading Towards self sufficiency – March 2022

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Lent – March 2022

The long, dark days of February are over, catkins swing merrily from the hazel trees, the horse chestnut sticky buds are almost ready to burst into fresh green leaves, and I can breathe in the anticipation of spring. As we’ve plodded on through these winter months, heads down, I’ve been taken by surprise that Lent… Continue reading Lent – March 2022

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Advent and Christmas – December 2021

Advent is nearly ended and the celebrations of Christmas are just around the corner. This month of December can be like a helter-skelter, landing us in a exhausted, yet hopefully happy heap on the eve of Christmas. Our ideal is that it’s filled with delicious smelling foods, much loved traditions, twinkly lights, and sparkly-eyed children.… Continue reading Advent and Christmas – December 2021

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Golden days and grey skies – November 2021

In this strange new way of living where uncertainty abounds, fear not love seems to be a motivating force, and language, ideologies and algorithms bring division, it can be hard, even for the sunniest and most optimistic of us to remain upbeat. Maybe this is appropriate. We are living, I believe, in dark times, and… Continue reading Golden days and grey skies – November 2021

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Autumnal Outings and Activities

This half of term has flown by and I wonder if I’m the only one who’s been feeling that life has seemed a little out of control? After eighteen months of constant fluctuation and uncertainty, I’ve found it hard to settle back into our home ed rhythm. We now have the freedom to go on… Continue reading Autumnal Outings and Activities

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A Summer Whirl – August 2021

I’m sitting in one off my all time favourite places, The Bishops Palace in Wells, Somerset. I’ve bribed the girls with ice cream and am hoping for a few minutes of peace. Despite the trees being in full, mature green leaf, and the flower beds an abundant display of reds, golds and purples, it feels… Continue reading A Summer Whirl – August 2021

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Things that bring hope – April 2021

I’ve not written for a while; life has been busy and full. However, I’m delighted that today we have a special guest post, written by Dancing Toes, my twelve year old daughter. She wrote it a few weeks ago, and it’s taken me a while to upload. However, I think it’s well worth the wait!… Continue reading Things that bring hope – April 2021

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Family traditions for Holy Week and Easter – March 2021

I love the journey of Holy Week; beginning on Palm Sunday and finishing at Easter. We do endeavour to walk through Lent, but it always seems a low time of year anyway, cold and dark, so my intentions at the beginning often don’t make it through to the end! I admire how my Catholic friends… Continue reading Family traditions for Holy Week and Easter – March 2021

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Weekly Routines – Updated 2021

Here is the second of my updated posts, reflecting upon some of the nuts and bolts of home ed life. I hope it’s useful to those of you currently embarking on this journey, and is a fun, even nostalgic, read for the rest of us. What strikes me is how these patterns have stood us… Continue reading Weekly Routines – Updated 2021

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Lockdown half term tips – February 2021

Here in the UK we have reached the first half term holiday of the year; a week’s break in the middle of the spring term. Some home educators follow their own pattern of work/rest and some fly with the wind as it takes them, but we have always roughly followed school term dates (though with… Continue reading Lockdown half term tips – February 2021