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Summer Sundae 2 – July 2022

“So how do your children socialise?” is probably the most often asked question for home educating families. Up until recently I would smile, murmur something about Cubs, Brownies, football or ballet and move on. This quickly brought an end to the conversation, the enquirer was none the wiser about what he or she meant by the term socialisation, and I had a vague feeling of having given an unsatisfactory answer.

These days, if there is time, I tend to answer by asking a few questions of my own. “What do you mean by socialisation?” “Do you think it’s best to raise children who fit in to society without questioning, or to raise free thinking adults?” “So, does your workplace have all people of the same age?” “What memories do you have of school playgrounds/classrooms?” “How do you think we best raise confident, caring, adults with integrity and courage?”

One of the chapters in our book tackles this question with wisdom and insight, written by veteran home educator and mum of seven, Juliet English. I was so excited when she agreed to write a chapter!

In the meantime, if you’d like to delve a bit deeper into this topic, check out a podcast here .

Below are pictures of some of the recent get togethers we’ve had with our home ed friends. There’s more about our Sports Day fun here .

And don’t forget to check out the Another Way to Learn? website.

Have a good week, all, enjoy the sunshine and remember to drink plenty of water! Molly x

Sports Day always ends with a tug of war
Sheltering from a rain shower during our home ed camping week end
We mums need friendship too, and our camping week end is a great time to chill with old friends and new.
The inaugural walk for a new group of us, living south of Bristol. An opportunity to meet new friends and play in a beautifully cool river.

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  1. Well done! And I recommend your reader check out the excellent website. Another way to learn- link helpfully above.


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