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Easter family traditions April 2019

I love Easter, both spiritually and physically. In our little part of England we’ve had some wonderfully warm weather recently and I’ve enjoyed being out in the garden planting seeds, painting my girl shed, watching the children play while catching up with friends, or simply sitting with a cup of tea and my Bible on the front porch. The world seems to be relaxing and me with it.

The boys meanwhile have been studying hard for exams; I’m really impressed by their diligence. Rhythm Dude doesn’t have as many to work for as his older brother so he’s also been playing rugby and going to the gym. They’ve both seen friends which has broken up the monotony of the books.

Easter is a lovely time around which to establish some family traditions and I thought I’d jot down a few or ours. These have all grown over years, some we only do sometimes, some are new and some have changed as the children grow.

Outside I set a cross made by Rhythm Dude


And an Easter wreath.


Inside we have a banner with the seven “I am” statements of Jesus. We’ve tried with just about no success to memorise these….one day maybe!


In the week leading up to Easter I put chocolate eggs into little wooden ones the children painted when they were younger. Strangely enough even the teens don’t mind the chocolate!


We decorate an Easter tree (with non breakable plastic eggs) we painted  years ago. Some years we blow and paint real ones…then when I’ve broken then all we make new ones.


The youngest tends to set out a little nest with more eggs.


We had fun felting polystyrene eggs with some home ed friends last year.


And amazingly our hens also produce some unusual eggs at Easter (Sparkly Eyes reminded me today…”Mummy, have you got the cream eggs for the chickens to lay?”!


We do our fair share of chocolate cake making and eating.


We have friends around for hot cross buns, tea and cake. This year we sat in the garden until early evening. They are friends we’ve known since playgroup days;  now the two oldest boys are at uni.


The children often make an Easter Garden, with a tomb, grave clothes and cross.

The last few years I’ve bought a Christian book for each child. It’s such a privilege to be able to do this freely and have such a range to choose from. Boys had audible credits last year instead.


We’ve been reading “Amon’s Adventure” during Lent, a great way of seeing the well known story through different eyes. It’s helped prepare our hearts , I think, for the miracle of Easter.

We’ve always had a Passover meal on Maundy Thursday. It’s become more detailed as the children have become older.

We meet up with cousins for an Easter Egg hunt or walk. Today we had the most lovely time in the sunshine, walking, talking and enjoying beautiful views.  It felt like a real holiday day.

On Easter Day I set the table with  little chocolate eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice (only time I ever do this). I hide the eggs the children receive from grandparents and cousins around the house. Oldest really outgrown this hunt now but very patiently plays along for the younger ones. Then we will go to church and share this day with our church family.

As I look through all of these traditions which have become part of the fabric of our family, I wonder yet again at my similarities to the busy Martha, rather than the contemplative Mary. I hope, however, that they can help us in some way to prepare our hearts for the greatest celebration of the Christian year. The sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Jesus.

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