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Mended Teacups a podcast and a new venture April 2019

It’s Friday night; the boys and a friend are eating pizza and watching minecraft videos (!), the girls are just about ready for bed, having had their pizza. At the end of our first week back to homeschool routine, we’ve had the fun of a day with home ed friends at Tyntesfield, a NT property, dodging the showers. While we determinedly bribed the children with a series of ice creams and biscuits, my friend and I talked in the warm cafe over coffee and a piece of simnel cake (marzipan rolled beautifully by Sparkly Eyes). I was able to reflect once again on my homeschool journey, and what led up to this new venture of a podcast.


I think in many ways it has been quite a lonely journey, going against the flow. I’m so grateful for the faithful friends I have in our town, most of whom I’ve known from toddler group days. However, given it’s such a small community, I’ve been the only one both on this particular journey, and with the faith that has fuelled it. It makes their support even more precious. There are a few other homeschooling families locally, who I value, but no established Christian home ed group.

And then, a few years ago, I discovered the world of blogs and podcasts. To say that it was a revelation isn’t an exaggeration. It was such a relief to know there were others doing a similar thing, with similar values, and I was both inspired and encouraged as I read and listened.

Most of the podcasts I listen to (apart from a bee keeping one in an attempt to improve my sadly lacking knowledge and skills in that area) are from the States. There seemed to be a gap in the podcast world for a UK Christian home ed podcast. So, my adventurous and wise friend Helen and I have gone about filling it.

I’m sure God has a sense of humour. My IT skills, or lack of them, are well known amongst family and friends. And, I don’t like the sound of my own voice! But, I do have a deep desire to encourage other mums in similar positions to where I have been.  We are now now able to dip into the warm and welcoming home ed group that Helen and a couple of others set up several moons ago, and I so appreciate the friendships which I have from that. But….I still listen to podcasts.

I  hope and pray  that our small offering might be of an encouragement to someone. It’s been a while in the making and even longer in the pondering and praying. Please bear with my ums and ahhs and yeahs. We recorded the first five in only a couple of sessions, so I’ve not had time to listen and try to improve my diction in between!

And why MendedTeacups ? It’s all on the blog site… So, pour yourself a cup of tea and have a listen, but most of all please be encouraged.


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