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Pomp and Pageantry – September 2022

Hello friends! A new season is upon us and change is in the air on many fronts. Late summer is gently slipping into early autumn and there is a nip in the air as I let the chickens out each morning. Meanwhile there is change in our nation too as the death of our long… Continue reading Pomp and Pageantry – September 2022

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Summer Sundae 4 – August 2022

I love the family picture above, drawn by Dancing Toes. The respective heights of the boys dates it; Rhythm Dude is our gentle giant and towers over us all, closely followed by Lanky Dude and both HWH and myself now look up to our boys. However, they are boys no longer. They are young men… Continue reading Summer Sundae 4 – August 2022

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Rekindling Joy in the midst of Messy Motherhood – April 2022

I love reading posts by prospective or new adoptive parents; the sense of excitement and almost reverence as they finally get to hold the child they’ve been dreaming of and striving so hard for. I remember it well. However, it’s so easy to lose that sense of wonder as the years pass and we get… Continue reading Rekindling Joy in the midst of Messy Motherhood – April 2022

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Lent – March 2022

The long, dark days of February are over, catkins swing merrily from the hazel trees, the horse chestnut sticky buds are almost ready to burst into fresh green leaves, and I can breathe in the anticipation of spring. As we’ve plodded on through these winter months, heads down, I’ve been taken by surprise that Lent… Continue reading Lent – March 2022

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He makes everything beautiful in His time – healing from trauma – February 2022

When I was a child I loved listening to a gentle melody on our cassette player, sung sweetly by a lilting child’s voice with the lyrics “In His time, In His time, He makes all things beautiful in His time”. The words come from the book of Ecclesiastes and have whispered reassurance into my heart… Continue reading He makes everything beautiful in His time – healing from trauma – February 2022

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Lockdown half term tips – February 2021

Here in the UK we have reached the first half term holiday of the year; a week’s break in the middle of the spring term. Some home educators follow their own pattern of work/rest and some fly with the wind as it takes them, but we have always roughly followed school term dates (though with… Continue reading Lockdown half term tips – February 2021

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Learning through hard times – February 2021

Hello friends! How are you? I realise I’m not writing much about home ed or adoption, but our lives are so out of the ordinary at the moment that my musings seem to be ambling in a slightly different, though related, direction. However, for some more practical home ed thoughts, check out our podcast here.… Continue reading Learning through hard times – February 2021

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Planning our days – January 2020

Are you one of life’s planners, organising down to the last meticulous detail? Or are you a complete free spirit, sailing on the winds of spontaneity? I guess most of us a a bit of a mixture, and maybe have tendencies towards one or other during different seasons of our lives. If we home educate,… Continue reading Planning our days – January 2020

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New Year – January 2021

Hello friends and Happy New Year. I hope that however you’ve been spending these holiday weeks you’ve found some moments of beauty and made some fun memories. Like everyone else, we had a very quiet Christmas, just the six of us, but it was a precious time and what we needed. I feel so grateful,… Continue reading New Year – January 2021

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Christmas – December 2020

Well, dear friends, we have just about made it to the end of this most extraordinary year. Well done! With all the gloom around us, I feel we need to welcome in some light heartedness, and celebrate God’s goodness in the midst of the storm. Helen and I recorded a fun podcast when we giggled… Continue reading Christmas – December 2020