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Kids out of school…survival tips for heroic mums – March 2020

Our family loves watching the classic BBC comedy “Dad’s Army”. It appeals through a ten year age range between oldest and youngest child and makes us all laugh out loud. One of the most quoted phrases is “Don’t panic!” exclaimed by a delightful elderly gent whilst rushing round in circles, doing just that.

I feel this is a phrase we may need to be encouraging each other with over the next few months. We’re in extremely testing times, but our nation, and indeed our world, has been through many other challenging periods and come out the other side.

Fear is something most of us struggle with, especially as mums when we sense there is a threat to our precious families. And at this time there is so much uncertainty which is difficult to deal with. It can be hard to quell that rising sense of panic within us.

However, I want to live this precarious season the best I can. For me, I know I can’t do that in my own strength, but only by praying and asking for God’s help. As ever, I’m drawn to the outdoors. The birds are busy nesting, tiny green leaves are beginning to emerge, spring bulbs and magnolias continue to flounce their bold colours unabashedly. Being out in this calms my troubled soul. Catching up with others outdoors helps me to look outside my immediate world. Exercise is not only good for me but for my more than usually fractious younger children. And chocolate should be a store cupboard essential at times like this!

So for my tiny part…I’m going to try to write a couple of posts a week with some practical ideas for mums with kids unexpectedly at home. Many of these will be based around nature; it’s especially good for us to be outdoors at this time. I’ll also do a few posts around some of the books we enjoy, and a few art, science and music projects.

In the meantime the following post and podcast might be helpful. They pull together some helpful tips for a new home educator. This season of kids at home may not be of choice, but many of the principles are the same.

Thoughts from some veteran home educators

Advice to new home educators (podcast on iTunes and Spotify too under Mended Tea Cups).

And some great free resources

It’s not going to be easy, and we will need each other. But, our nation needs strong mums and together, one day at a time, we can do this!

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