Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Days ahead – September 2020

Hello again friends! It seems a while since I last tapped away here. It’s been good to have time to think, read and most importantly pray over these last couple of months. I sense we are in for a rocky road ahead and I’ve wanted to try and hear God’s voice in it all. A still, small voice in the midst of the media clamour; recognised by its purity, truth and the peace it brings.

Way back in 2019, those pre covid days, a verse from Proverbs 31 started to nudge at my soul.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭31:25‬ ‭NIV

I started praying it sometimes when I got dressed in the morning. And I began mulling over what it means for me. I don’t naturally laugh at days ahead, even pre covid. I am certainly excited when we have a holiday or celebration on the horizon, but day to day life is often quite mundane as a mum (though eternally significant). I felt it might be more to do with knowing that there will be challenging times ahead and being prepared.

We are reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little house on the Prarie” series, a firm favourite of mine as a child. I read them all to the boys and am re reading them now to the girls. Something different strikes me each time I journey through them. This time the hardship they endured and their resilience has really struck me. They prepared for the long hard winter months by gradually building up food and log stores. They also prepared their girls for the life they would lead as adults by passing on all the skills needed on a daily basis. They did this as they simply lived alongside each other.

Life is different now, but I felt God was prompting me again to the importance of preparing our children not only physically for the adult world, but also spiritually. They need to be able to stand firm in times to come.

I also feel that for us as a family this winter is going to bring its challenges, not least because my HWH is still suffering from post covid fatigue and work in the NHS is just as gruelling as it was a few months ago, and likely to be more so soon.

So I’m going to try to put in regular days/hours which will allow me to re fuel. I can’t keep giving out on empty. The next few weeks are looking very busy, but I think it’s essential. Sabbath rest.

For those of us with a Christian faith, I believe we can be confident that although the days ahead are likely to be turbulent, although it may feel like all those establishments we’ve trusted in are gradually being shaken, we have a God for whom nothing is a surprise. We can trust in His faithfulness and hold up our heads, knowing that in the midst of the shaking he is our Rock.

And now for a bit of looking back…at the beginning of the summer holidays, when both HWH and myself were struggling with post covid fatigue, I asked God for some “jewel” days and moments. Times that sparkled, so that our kids wouldn’t look back on this summer as a total non entity, with tired parents.

So, here are some of the answers to that prayer.

A wonderful, last minute few days in Cornwall. Body boarding in some big waves. Blissful!
A walk on Bodmin Moor. We hardly met a soul.
Bodmin moor again. Another day we cooked out of the van and played hockey. It was so quiet. I almost forgot we were in a pandemic. Good for the soul.
Enjoying the beach closer to home.
We enjoyed several visits to The Bishops Palace in Wells, meeting up with family and friends.
I’m learning how to grow salads
in a polytunnel.
We took advantage of the eat out to help out scheme. I had the pleasure of taking each of the the boys for coffee with a view.
The girls chose to have ice creams at this gorgeous cafe, and HWH and myself had brunch here followed by a walk.
Cooling off at what’s become a favourite place while the pool is shut.

Now we are into the second week of our autumn term. Helen and I have resumed podcasting again, over at Mended Teacups

Rhythm Dude, having got a double distinction star for his level 2 Btech (especially amazing due to his dyslexia) is back at college beginning a level 3 Btech in sports and exercise science.

Lanky Dude has passed his driving test and begins his degree in electrical and mechanical engineering at the University of Bristol soon.

And, amazingly, a children’s story I wrote based on our adoption journey is being published at the end of this month. So, plenty to keep us busy. But I’ll aim to put in those re fuelling times!

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