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End of summer term – July 2020

One of the blessings of home ed is that it can be moulded and adapted to fit around our family in whatever season we are in. This term has been quite a challenging one for most of us, so we decided to finish up a little earlier than normal, at the beginning of July.

Rhythm Dude ended his college year with an online Award Ceremony in which he received a couple of much deserved awards. Lanky Dude is still on furlough but may go back to work in August. So, I wanted to have some holiday time when all four of them are at home and in holiday mode.

I think I am still post virally and am more than usually tired. So, a rest is needed for all. Helen and I have recorded our last Mended Teacups podcast of the school year, and this is going to be my last blog until September. I need time to be refuelled, to rest, to hear God and to pray.

I wonder what we will all remember when we look back on lockdown 2020? I think for me it will be one of those bitter sweet seasons, when there are many precious memories amidst all the turbulence.

As lockdown here in the UK begins to ease, I know I don’t want to go back to “normal”. Our nation has been particularly badly hit, and if that’s not an urgent call to pray and seek what God may be saying I don’t know what is.

I’ve spoken with a few friends recently about what we want to take out of lockdown. What have we appreciated? What have we missed? What have we not missed? How have we coped with the anxiety, uncertainty and many other challenges? What changes do we want to make? The most poignant question came from a friend, worth pondering over. In our fast paced pre covid life, “what were we trying to run away from?”

I’d add a question to follow on from that “what do we now want to run towards?”

Some significant wisdom for our family over the years has been this verse:

“This is what the Lord says

Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. “

Jeremiah 6:16. The Bible.

Much to ponder over the next couple of months.

For anyone after some fresh inspiration, Helen and I did a couple of podcasts with recommendations of books, blogs and podcasts, as well as some suggestions as to how we can make the most of of the next couple of months. Find the posts here and here

And the fun, family team building project to design your own coat of arms is here. Do share it with anyone else you think might enjoy it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and for sharing some of our journey; it’s such an encouragement. I pray you would know God’s love and provision over the summer, and have some time to be restored and refreshed.

And finally, until September….here is a camera roll which catches some of our family life during the last four months.

We began with outing to visit my elderly aunt the day before lockdown began.
Easter morning
Church at home: displays outside our house during Holy Week
May was pretty much taken out with fighting the virus, but we were so blessed by all the care of our lovely community and the powerful prayers of many were what saw us through I’m sure.
Poetry tea continued, sometimes with a friend via FaceTime!
HWH and the boys have done lots of walking. The boys run regularly too.
Rhythm Dude has treated us to a variety of coffees…this has been my favourite so far…
And we’ve enjoyed lots of salad from it
The most glorious day meeting my Mum at the Bishop’s Palace when the first restrictions eased
Family walks
Walking in the woods
And Helen and I completed a marathon podcast series, weekly through two terms and the Easter holidays

1 thought on “End of summer term – July 2020”

  1. All your hard work is amazing. So much fun to see and thought provoking words each time. Have a well earned summer break.


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