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Pomp and Pageantry – September 2022

Hello friends!

A new season is upon us and change is in the air on many fronts. Late summer is gently slipping into early autumn and there is a nip in the air as I let the chickens out each morning. Meanwhile there is change in our nation too as the death of our long serving and faithful Queen Elizabeth ll brings a new king to the throne. In the same week we also had a new Prime Minister and government. I sense there is maybe a change in the spiritual realms too. And, most immediately in our little family we have big changes as both the boys are heading off to university this month.

More on all of this next time, but in the meantime I’m still reminiscing on the last week end of August; a warm and balmy few days when our town Square was turned into a stage for a sumptuous and spectacular many costumed pageant, telling the story of our small town through the centuries. Tiered seating was installed, bucket loads of sand spread liberally over the twentieth century tarmac and horses, dogs, pigeons, a goat, tractors, vintage cars and about three hundred men, women and children all took our places as the narrators and chroniclers ably carried us through two thousand years or so of history. The three performances were the culmination of several years of planning, stitching and rehearsing. Our pageant takes place once every ten years and as this one was delayed from 2020 the next will be in 2030; we are already looking forward to it with anticipation!

The top photo was taken by one of the official photographers and depicts The Lady Day Fair, the scene in which the girls and I played a part. Dancing Toes danced around the Maypole while Sparkly Eyes and myself enjoyed meeting friends, buying lavender, strawberries and other produce, petting a goat and listening to the various wandering musicians; playing the part of any Georgian mother and daughter attending a hiring fair.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos; thank you for indulging me and giving me the opportunity to look back on a wonderful family and community week end.

Lanky Dude, HWH and Rhythm Dude as Saxons.
The Saxons advancing to take on the Vikings. They won a great victory and established a Christian foundation for our town. The battle was loud and fierce and on the third day Lanky Dude sustained a gash above his eye which needed steri strip stitches!
Norman England
Horses and hounds prepare the way as King John went out hunting.
Richly adorned Elizabethans
Waiting for our entrance to The Lady Day Fair scene.
Our boys running away from the Law having been caught bull baiting….I hope they don’t make a habit of it!
Land girls in the Second World War
Family photo through the centuries; HWH and the boys dressed as Saxons, Sparkly Eyes and myself in glorious Georgian costume and Dancing Toes as a girl guide in the Second World War.
One of the official photographers snapped this one of me. I found a quiet space to sit and watch peacefully from the sidelines with my flask of tea. Perfect.

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