Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Lockdown half term tips – February 2021

Here in the UK we have reached the first half term holiday of the year; a week’s break in the middle of the spring term. Some home educators follow their own pattern of work/rest and some fly with the wind as it takes them, but we have always roughly followed school term dates (though with… Continue reading Lockdown half term tips – February 2021

Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Learning through hard times – February 2021

Hello friends! How are you? I realise I’m not writing much about home ed or adoption, but our lives are so out of the ordinary at the moment that my musings seem to be ambling in a slightly different, though related, direction. However, for some more practical home ed thoughts, check out our podcast here.… Continue reading Learning through hard times – February 2021

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Planning our days – January 2020

Are you one of life’s planners, organising down to the last meticulous detail? Or are you a complete free spirit, sailing on the winds of spontaneity? I guess most of us a a bit of a mixture, and maybe have tendencies towards one or other during different seasons of our lives. If we home educate,… Continue reading Planning our days – January 2020

Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

New Year – January 2021

Hello friends and Happy New Year. I hope that however you’ve been spending these holiday weeks you’ve found some moments of beauty and made some fun memories. Like everyone else, we had a very quiet Christmas, just the six of us, but it was a precious time and what we needed. I feel so grateful,… Continue reading New Year – January 2021

Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Christmas – December 2020

Well, dear friends, we have just about made it to the end of this most extraordinary year. Well done! With all the gloom around us, I feel we need to welcome in some light heartedness, and celebrate God’s goodness in the midst of the storm. Helen and I recorded a fun podcast when we giggled… Continue reading Christmas – December 2020

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“The kite’s Tale”- A beginner’s marketing journey – Dec 2020

As with so much of life, both the publication and promotion of my first book, has felt like a step out of the boat and onto water. The promotion or marketing of a book is often considered to be harder than the journey to publication; and we have had a pandemic thrown into the mix.… Continue reading “The kite’s Tale”- A beginner’s marketing journey – Dec 2020

Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Advent – December 2020

I love the season of Advent; the mystery of the now and the not yet. The heartache of our broken world mingled with the sure hope of God’s healing and redemption both now and in the future, thrown together with the excitement of Christmas soon to come. It’s a potent mix! Usually around this time… Continue reading Advent – December 2020

Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Home – November 2020

I’ve been reading “The Herb of Grace” by Elizabeth Goudge along with @elizabethgoudgebookclub which home is a central theme. The book features two homes. The first was created by the indomitable matriarch of the family, with the purpose of bringing restoration and healing after the harrowing loss of the First World War and providing a… Continue reading Home – November 2020

Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Autumn Lockdown – November 2020

I have to confess my heart sank rather when I heard a second lockdown was coming. With my HWH working in the NHS I realise the necessity of it as they are so overstretched. While it’s relatively quick to build a new hospital it takes much longer to train the staff to work in it.… Continue reading Autumn Lockdown – November 2020