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Summer Sundae – 3 August 2022

I seem to have missed a couple of Sundays. We were away last week end and had lovely guests to stay plus a youth camp the week before. It’s also a busy time for any gardener; watering, successional sowing, harvesting and preserving. The book launch activities continue, including some podcast opportunities. A couple of weeks… Continue reading Summer Sundae – 3 August 2022

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End of summer term – July 2020

One of the blessings of home ed is that it can be moulded and adapted to fit around our family in whatever season we are in. This term has been quite a challenging one for most of us, so we decided to finish up a little earlier than normal, at the beginning of July. Rhythm… Continue reading End of summer term – July 2020

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Create your own Family Coat of Arms

A fun summer project! I’ve had this project bubbling for several years, and it’s finally come to fruition. I hope you enjoy it! The idea is that you learn a little about heraldry and dig into your unique family culture by creating your own coat of arms. My hope in developing this concept is that… Continue reading Create your own Family Coat of Arms