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Fun with baking – May 2020

This week’s baking Welcome to the third instalment of our Fun Family Learning posts, written during the covid 2020 pandemic. Our theme this week is baking, as chosen by Dancing Toes. I’m really enjoying collaborating with her as we create these posts. Building relationships with my children has always been a foundation of my home… Continue reading Fun with baking – May 2020

Day by Day, Nature study and science, Uncertain times 2020

Fun with rain and puddles – April 2020

A change in the weather on its way As the weather has turned from glorious warm sunshine to grey British drizzle, Dancing Toes suggested that our “Fun Family learning” topic should be rain. She will start with five fun facts and then some craft ideas, and I’ll finish with some ways to connect and make… Continue reading Fun with rain and puddles – April 2020

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Back to school? – April 2020

Easter morning Having toyed with the idea of continuing with some of our term time rhythm during the holidays, I realised I was emotionally depleted and needed a rest! It was the strangest of Easter holidays but I think the time helped me to come up with some sort of plan as to how we… Continue reading Back to school? – April 2020

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Fun with snails – April 2020

Snail Henge We usually cycle over to our church toddler group on a Wednesday, and we’re missing them all. So, the girls and I are going to prepare a little piece each week about some of the fun things we’ve been learning with a few activities which families with littlies, and children home from school,… Continue reading Fun with snails – April 2020

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Mothering in Uncertain Times – Teens – March 2020

We’ve now had a couple of weeks to try to get our heads around this emerging situation, yet things change on a daily basis. There is a huge amount of uncertainty which is very unsettling. It feels like we are on shifting sand. Here in the UK, in the past week we’ve had schools closing… Continue reading Mothering in Uncertain Times – Teens – March 2020

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Home ed to the world of work – February 2020

I recently had a delightful half hour sorting through some of the boys' old homeschool folders. Memories flooded back of outings taken, stories read, projects completed. It was fascinating to chart not only their changing abilities as each year progressed, but also their interests and perspectives. We had such a lot of fun learning together.… Continue reading Home ed to the world of work – February 2020

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Wells – “A City of Bells” – Part 1

The city of Wells in Somerset, is the smallest city in England. I’ve lived within in its environs for about thirty years, so it holds lots of precious memories for me. It is still one of my favourite places to visit, each season offering some new perspective. Elizabeth Goudge's delightful book, "The City of Bells"… Continue reading Wells – “A City of Bells” – Part 1

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Joy in the midst of life – December 2019

As I've journeyed through the advent themes of hope, peace and joy during my morning quiet times A grace-filled Advent - December 2019 , joy is the one which has seemed most incongruent to this world. It's not that I don't feel joy...I'm so incredibly grateful for the many blessings we have; our warm home,… Continue reading Joy in the midst of life – December 2019

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A grace-filled Advent – December 2019

As the season of advent approached this year I was determined yet again to move towards simplicity and a slowing down. The purpose of Advent before Christmas is as Lent is for Easter, a time of preparation, being still and even fasting. So different from our general experience. I wrote more about this last year.… Continue reading A grace-filled Advent – December 2019

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Sausages and hams October 2019

This is not strictly foraged food...we no longer live in the days when one could head off into the woods, bow and arrows slung over the shoulder, and hunt down a wild boar. However, it is part of our seasonal living, an autumn tradition, and it's fun! We generally get our weaners in the spring… Continue reading Sausages and hams October 2019