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Lent – March 2022

The long, dark days of February are over, catkins swing merrily from the hazel trees, the horse chestnut sticky buds are almost ready to burst into fresh green leaves, and I can breathe in the anticipation of spring. As we’ve plodded on through these winter months, heads down, I’ve been taken by surprise that Lent… Continue reading Lent – March 2022

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“The Kite’s Tale – A book for all

It’s adoption week here in the UK and this is my final post on the “Kite’s Tale” for a while. The last few weeks, surrounding its launch, have been full on and I’m feeling fairly weary. I’m so grateful to all the adoption agencies who have posted information about the book and helped to promote… Continue reading “The Kite’s Tale – A book for all

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Parenting a child with dyslexia – Part 2 – October 2020

Having written in a previous post about Rhythm Dude’s journey with dyslexia, I’ll now pen a little about Sparkly Eyes’ path so far and then jot down some practical tips I’ve picked up along the way. Sparkly Eyes has a kaleidoscope of behavioural and emotional needs in addition to dyslexia. This adds to the complexities… Continue reading Parenting a child with dyslexia – Part 2 – October 2020

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Fun with books – June 2020

I trust this latest missive from our household finds you well. Here in the UK we are in week twelve of lockdown. The glorious month of May was taken up with being ill and recovering from the virus, and I can’t quite believe we have now arrived in June. I’m so grateful for the rhythms… Continue reading Fun with books – June 2020

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Autumn books – October 2019

A fresh chill in the air, the rustle of leaves as we shuffle through these glorious piles of yellow and gold, the smell of bonfire smoke, the vivid crimson of berries against a gin blue sky, the evening chatter of water fowl as they congregate. These delights to my senses all tell me that autumn… Continue reading Autumn books – October 2019