Day by Day

16 May 2017

Often as a mum I have the choice to laugh or cry…I generally choose the former, and my children provide me with endless material for hilarity.

One such occasion comes round every few months and is haircut night. A multi talented friend continues to run the gauntlet, and bravely enters our house negotiating piles of shoes, a smelly pair of walking socks, Lego pieces and random dolls and books. She sets about calmly snipping away at our hair while our evening unfolds around her. She usually comes on a Monday, but as her sheep were being sheered, kindly came to sheer us on Tuesday. This is the night when we have “oven food” in order to enable us to get out to music lessons and Cubs.

This time Sparkly Eyes took it upon herself to cut her Dolly’s hair, and then got the hairbrush stuck in the tangled result. Dancing Toes skipped around, not always dodging the fallen hair. Lanky Dude arrived home from college just in time to be carolled into the chair and have his wild surfer boy curls tamed. As I cooked the tea, and swept up our fallen locks, we laughed alot, caught up on local news, and heard stories of her horse and other menagerie. I commented on the fact that ours must be the most chaotic house she visits. She never disagrees…but had the grace to say it was just what she needed after her day at work!

Then later, when the girls were in bed, and the boys back from evening activities, I set off, armed with a bottle of wine, to our monthly sewing group. It was an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic day. When I got home, I went to check on the girls, to kiss them and pray for them as they slept. I wondered why Sparkly Eyes’ nightie was on the floor, having last seen it on her. As I turned down her duvet, I found her fully dressed, including a jumper. She was obviously trying to save time in the morning!

I love blue flowers, and these were photos I took while walking and praying for Rhythm Dude as he sat his chemistry exams. They are over, now. I’m so relieved, and he celebrated with a bacon sandwich, a reward I always give them after exams, and then with friends here tonight.

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