Day by Day, Uncertain times 2020

Back to school? – April 2020

Easter morning

Having toyed with the idea of continuing with some of our term time rhythm during the holidays, I realised I was emotionally depleted and needed a rest! It was the strangest of Easter holidays but I think the time helped me to come up with some sort of plan as to how we approach this next half of term.

Passover meal

I’m so proud of the way the boys are coping. I think it’s at times of great testing when our characters and resilience are brought to the fore. I guess it’s when true leaders emerge. Rhythm Dude has faced so many obstacles, due to his dyslexia, that I’ve known he has perseverance. However, I’ve seen a strength of character, empathy, self disciple and resolve in him which has inspired me, his mum!

Lanky Dude is on “furlough leave” from work. We were both quite relieved to have him home at this time, and he is being his usual chilled self, always a delight to have around.

HWH and the boys have built me a polytunnel!

They are both running most days and doing other exercise. They connect with friends, probably play a bit too much minecraft (their admission), read (Rhythm Dude is tackling “War and Peace”), jam away at their instruments, help me in the garden and do their share of normal household chores. Rhythm Dude has also restarted his college course. It brings joy to my heart as I see them heading up the hill most days, walking and talking. This time is bringing two brothers, already close, opportunities to deepen their friendship even further.

Walking in the woods

HWH is understandably both anxious and frustrated about work. As a primary health care worker he is exhausted after seeing another winter through with ever increasing demand, unrealistic government expectations and minimal resources. They were down on staff even before the virus hit, have inadequate PPE, continued extra workload from NHS England and face the constant threat of litigation as they are having to make decisions in extremely difficult circumstances. Government platitudes and thanks seem rather hollow.

Favourite food to keep spirits up!

I’ve found that despite spending so much time together, I’ve actually had less quality time with the girls than normal. So last week I set up a special Poetry Tea and we head a lovely chilled time reading and eating.

Spring themed poetry teatime

Helen and I have decided to record a couple of Mended Teacups podcasts a week; we hope they might be of encouragement not only to those of us who usually home ed (but have not done so in a pandemic before) but also to some who are turning their hands to homeschooling at very short notice.

We’ve all appreciated listening to Spring Harvest this year online. A wonderful way of turning harm to good for many. I’m also really loving having all our kids/adult children at home. I love seeing them interact with each other (well, not always…certainly more noise and squabbles) and feel this extra and unexpected time I have to invest in the boys, listen to what’s on their hearts and enjoy their company is a great blessing. I want to make the most of it.

New green leaves unfurling

And I’m so thankful we have the power of prayer. I cry out for all those who are ill or grieving, for those in deep financial crisis, for those for whom home is not a safe place to be, for those for whom isolation is very lonely, for justice and protection for our healthcare and care home workers. We have a God who hears the cries of our hearts. I cry out for his forgiveness, for the many ways in which our nation has turned away from His good ways; for the way we as a church have remained silent or wandered far from his Word too. God forgive us! Lord have mercy on us.

Thank you as always for reading my (this time somewhat disconnected) thoughts. You are a blessing and encouragement to me. 🌸🌺🌼

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