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Spring Rhythms – March 2021

I have always loved the rhythm of the seasons here in the UK; the expectation of something new and then delight when it comes, all within the overall constancy of the seasonal patterns. C.S Lewis suggests that this desire for change within permanence is God given and that He has designed our world to meet… Continue reading Spring Rhythms – March 2021

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Life in the midst of exams…June 2019

I've been scrolling through my Instagram pictures (still new to me), and smiling as they are reminders of all the moments which have been beautiful and precious in the midst of my very ordinary and mundane life. So much to be deeply thankful for, and important to hold onto as after more than a week… Continue reading Life in the midst of exams…June 2019

Day by Day, Nature study and science

Spring learning April 2019

As the weather warms up, we naturally spend more time outdoors, both at work and play. The summer term is often a more relaxed one, with lots of outdoor learning. Both boys have exams coming up, so this is a season when the pressure is on for them. I therefore decided that in an attempt… Continue reading Spring learning April 2019