Day by Day

27 May 2018

  We’ve made it to half term! Our time seems to have mainly be consumed by Lanky Dude’s EPQ and impending A level, and Rhythm Dude’s chemistry exam.  I have sometimes pined for the pre exam years when we could all bundle into our van, complete with picnic and audio book, and head out for… Continue reading 27 May 2018

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Kitchen science – 25 May 2018

We’ve always enjoyed “speriments”, whether this is creative mixing of ingredients (Sparkly Eyes’ current craze for making slime), or more structured kitchen chemistry.  The girls rediscovered and old Usborne book which I had for the boys, and spent an industrious morning performing some of the experiments, while I was helping prepare Rhythm Dude for his… Continue reading Kitchen science – 25 May 2018