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Restorative Nature in Lockdown – May 2020

Apple blossom This is my third attempt at writing; the first was a few weeks ago, with the intention that a few photographs depicting the beauty and seasonal rhythms of our natural would be a lift to our souls while we were very much confined to our immediate vicinities. I next picked it up just… Continue reading Restorative Nature in Lockdown – May 2020

Day by Day, Nature study and science, Uncertain times 2020

Fun with chickens – May 2020

We are gradually starting to recover from the covid virus but I am surprised quite how tired HWH and myself are. Each time I try to do too much, my body tells me. It is an enforced lesson in slowing down, in unproductivity, in being rather than doing. I’ve tried reading aloud again to the… Continue reading Fun with chickens – May 2020

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Fun with baking – May 2020

This week’s baking Welcome to the third instalment of our Fun Family Learning posts, written during the covid 2020 pandemic. Our theme this week is baking, as chosen by Dancing Toes. I’m really enjoying collaborating with her as we create these posts. Building relationships with my children has always been a foundation of my home… Continue reading Fun with baking – May 2020

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Back to school? – April 2020

Easter morning Having toyed with the idea of continuing with some of our term time rhythm during the holidays, I realised I was emotionally depleted and needed a rest! It was the strangest of Easter holidays but I think the time helped me to come up with some sort of plan as to how we… Continue reading Back to school? – April 2020

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Our Adoption Journey – Introductions 1 – 2020

It’s hard to put into words the level of excitement, apprehension, anticipation and relief which I felt prior to meeting each of our daughters. The build up had been immense. We had gone through lengthy, detailed and sometimes rather intrusive assessments followed by Adoption Panel. Then, with our first daughter, whose story now follows, another… Continue reading Our Adoption Journey – Introductions 1 – 2020

Home ed ponderings, Uncertain times 2020

Weekly Routines – Updated Feb 2021

Here is the second of my updated posts, reflecting upon some of the nuts and bolts of home ed life. I hope it's useful to those of you currently embarking on this journey, and is a fun, even nostalgic, read for the rest of us. What strikes me is how these patterns have stood us… Continue reading Weekly Routines – Updated Feb 2021